Useful Information

The Garden

The garden is yours too during your stay. Currently, we are undertaking reconfiguration of the layout and planting, so excuse any area that seems a bit wild or adjustments in hard landscaping! Feel free to wander around the garden or croft at any time… but watch out; don’t let the chickens or sheep into the garden or polytunnel area!  Take care on the paths and bridges that are uneven and can be slippery.  If weather permits, do make use of the seating area.  Midgies can be a nuisance between mid May and mid September; Our experience is that Smidge is the best brand of repellent that are recommended. Otherwise, we can lend you our midge jackets.

Samsung Smart TV, Humax Freesat Box and Panasonic DVD Player

There are 3 remotes: Samsung Smart TV, another for the Humax Freesat Box to access the 5 terrestrial channels and a further remote for the Panasonic DVD Player. Press ‘Source’ on the top right of the Samsung TV remote to choose Samsung TV, HDMI1 for the Humax Freesat Box and HDMI2 for the DVD Player. Using your own log in, BBC IPlayer, Netflix, C4, Prime Video and You Tube are accessed from ‘APPS’. When located in the Samsung TV Source, press the down arrow on TV remote, then the right arrow to move along to ‘APPS’. To return to Source, simply press ‘Source’ on top right on TV remote.

Panasonic CD, Bluetooth and USB and FM Sound System

The controls are on the top of the unit or on the remote. The USB port is on top of the unit. To access the Bluetooth connection, press and hold ‘PAIRING’ on the main unit until ‘PAIRING’ is shown. Then select SC-HC200 from the Bluetooth menu on your device. The radio connection is poor through this system so better to listen to the radio through your phone using Bluetooth or through the TV and Humax Freesat Box.


WiFi password for devolo-098: RKETKKRRBPVFBLCS


The central heating is generally set to “off” or “auto” depending on the weather. If you want an hour of heating at anytime, press the “+1HR” button on the top left of the panel. The “auto” setting is programmed to come on 7-9:30am and 7-8pm everyday. If you wish to select this, open the white lower panel and press the “SELECT” button on the programmer until “auto” is displayed on the display panel. Once finished with the auto setting, don’t forget to turn it back to “off” again.

Gas Cooker

To operate the hobs, fully lift the glass lid. If the ring doesn’t light with the integral ignition, there is a gas lighter in the cutlery drawer.

Freeze, Washing Machine and Dryer

Please ask if you require the use of a freezer or need to access the washing machine and dryer. All are available if you need.


Your eggs on arrival are complimentary. If you require more eggs from our happy chickens, either while on holiday or to take home with you, please ask. A bargain at £1.50 a box!

Fresh herbs from the garden

There are herbs growing in the garden, in the boxes around the seating area and over by the sheds. Please help yourself if you wish to use them.

Outside lights

All the outside lights are operated simultaneously on the same system. There is a light immediately outside the front door, one by the garage as well one outside our frontdoor. The switches to turn all the lights on or off are in the lobby entrance and to the left of the garage. Once you have finished with them, please remember to turn these off at night.

Septic tank

This area is not on mains drainage and we have a septic tank. We need to be careful about what goes in to it to ensure it functions effectively. So please don’t flush sanitary towels, tampons, condoms, cotton wool buds or wipes down the loo – use the disposal bags provided and the pedal bin in the bathroom. Please also avoid washing fat, tea leaves and coffee grains down the sink as well as using biological washing powder or bleach. Be nice to the septic tank and it will be nice to you!

Waste and recycling

The following items (clean, dry and loose) can be recycled on Skye. The blue bin on the driveway (no glass) or the galvanised bin outside the let are for recycling.


Food tins and drinks cans


Plastic bottles (for example, fizzy drink, milk, water or sauce bottles)

Plastic tubs, pots, trays and bottle lids, but not if they are black

Aerosol cans (empty)

Cardboard based food and drink cartons, for example, TetraPaks (plastic lids removed)

Envelopes (with plastic windows removed)

Tetra Pak

Glass bottles should be placed either in the galvanised bin or in the crate on the driveway.

All other rubbish emptied from the kitchen bin can be placed in the green bin on the driveway or in a bag next to the galvanised recycling bin.

Organic waste will go on the compost heap by the polytunnnel. Please use the small compost bin under the sink and place next to the galvanised recycling bin when full. We will dispose of it for you.


Please let us know of any breakages, bulbs that blow or appliances that don’t work. We can then replace them for you and the next guests.

Driveway and beyond

Feel free to park on the driveway if you wish. Any vehicles are parked at your own risk. If parking on the road, park tight to the hedgerow as the school bus needs to negotiate the road morning and evening.

Please keep the gates closed to keep the sheep out and dog in.

The road through Braes between Peinachorran and Portree runs through common grazings and there are many sheep about. Drive carefully – sheep are simple creatures and their behaviour can be very unpredictable.


Our Collie is 4 years old, still enthusiastic but very friendly creature and is usually excited to meet new people. After the initial hello, she should calm down and get used to you, but if you are not keen on dogs, let us know and we will keep her out of your way…

… but if you do like dogs, then she will gladly enjoy you throwing a ball for her in the garden!

In the unlikely event of an emergency

In the unlikely event of an emergency, please alert us as soon as possible. If necessary, please contact the relevant emergency service by calling 999. In the event that the lights do not work, there is an emergency torch in both the upstairs and downstairs cupboard.

There is a fire extinguisher and blanket for use located on the kitchen wall. In the unlikely event you are unable to leave the property via the main entrance, you are able to climb out of the side or back windows in the lounge area or window in the kitchen. If it is not possible to use the stairs, the window overlooking the garden towards the sea is located above slightly sloping roof. The window can be open fully by raising the handle vertically and releasing the metal catch and access can be made out onto the slightly sloping roof and please wait there for assistance.

Time of departure

We hope you have a relaxing stay at Braes Retreat. We ask that you vacate the apartment by 10am on your day of departure to enable us to prepare it for the next guests.

Please do leave a note in our guest book.