Wood Burning Stove

Wood-burning Stove

If you would like to use the wood burning stove just let us know and we’ll keep you stocked up with fuel.

Important points

Only wood should be burnt in the stove (no coal or peat).

To burn wood successfully a bed of ash is needed, therefore the ash built up during your stay shouldn’t need to be taken out.

When opening the door at any time when the stove is lit, first release the handle and then wait a few seconds before opening the door fully (this prevents smoke coming into the room)

Wear the protective gloves and use the tool to adjust the vent – it’s hot!

There’s a temperature gauge attached to flue to keep an eye on the temperature.

Lighting & running instructions

Ensure the front wheel vent and the control on the top RHS of the stove are fully open.

On the bed of ash place 1 or 2 firelighters or newspaper and lay 2 or 3 good handfuls of kindling on top.

Light the fire, and push the door to, leaving it slightly ajar. Only once the kindling is burning can the door be closed.

Leave the kindling to burn to create a bed of embers. The temperature gauge needs to reach about 200 degrees.

When there is a bed of embers add a piece of firewood to raise the temperature to around 300 degrees.

The optimum running temperature is between 300-400 degrees. At this point, when there is a good bed of embers, add a couple of pieces of wood and adjust the front wheel vent to control the burn of the fire.

If the temperature rises above 400 degrees it can damage the stove. Push the control on the top RHS of the stove to control the fire.

Before leaving the stove unattended or retiring to bed, do not load the stove with wood. The wheel vent and top control should be fully opened to prevent soot accumulating in the flue or on the window.