Contact Numbers and in the Event of An Emergency

Useful contacts

Iain’s mobile: 07815 734545

Ingrid’s mobile: 07837 788373

NHS 24 (24hr medical advice) 111

Broadford Hosptial 01471 822491

Portree Medical Centre 01478 612013

Portree Hospital 01478 612888

Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire, Coastguard) 999

In the unlikely event of an emergency

In the unlikely event of any emergency, please alert us as soon as possible and we will assist as needed. If necessary, please contact the relevant emergency service by calling 999.

In the event that there is a problem with the gas supply to the cooker, please turn the gas off located in the wooden box outside to the left of the entrance.

In the event that the lights do not work, there is an emergency torch in both the upstairs and downstairs cupboard.

If any electrical items are not functioning correctly, please do not use and let us know so we can replace it.

In the event of fire, a fire extinguisher and blanket are located on the kitchen wall. In the unlikely event you are unable to leave the property via the main entrance, you are able to climb out of the side or back windows in the lounge area or window in the kitchen. If it is not possible to use the stairs, the window overlooking the garden towards the sea is located above a slightly sloping roof. The window can be open fully by raising the handle vertically and releasing the metal catch and access can be made out onto the slightly sloping roof and please wait there for assistance.