Coronavirus Awareness

If you think there is any risk you have Covid-19 please do not travel. We will refund you without question or rearrange alternative dates.

Our cleaning regime 

To reassure you that we are taking reasonable steps to keep you safe, this is what we have done before you arrived: 

1. Fully ventilated the apartment during changeover day. 

2. All areas of the apartment are thoroughly cleaned, including sweeping, vacuuming, wiping with soapy water, washing linen and removing rubbish. 

3. The apartment is then sanitised with a disinfectant, paying particular attention to high-touch surfaces and allowed to air-dry. 

4. All bedding, including actual pillows, duvet and blanket are completely changed.  

5. All kitchen items washed.

Staying at Braes Retreat 

• We have taken you all reasonable steps to prepare Braes Retreat so that you can stay here safely. As a self-catering facility we ask that you also play your part. 

• Hand sanitiser is provided. Please use it whilst you are staying with us. 

• We are happy to help – so please call or knock if you have any questions at all. What’s App is fine too.  

• If you believe you have been exposed to, or are ill with Covid-19 (headache, temperature, fever, new cough, loss of smell or taste) call the health service on 111. Advise us too so that we can keep each other safe. It is better that we know and be assured we would not ask you to leave. 

When you leave Braes Retreat 

• Cleaning products are provided. Please ensure you leave Braes Retreat as you found it. We deep clean and sanitise after you have left, however we will change an additional £50 cleaning fee if Braes Retreat is unclean. 

• Two laundry bags are in the cupboard above the stairs. We would be very grateful if you could help us by placing the all the bedsheets and pillow covers in one bag and the towels, bathmat, pillow, mattress protector and tea towels in the second bag provided. 

• Do not leave food in the fridge or worktops when you leave. 

• Put your rubbish and recycling in the waste disposal bins outside. 

• Do all your washing up. 

• Leave all windows and the door wide open to air the apartment. 

• We will keep your contact details in case we to get hold of you for the purposes of Test and Protect.